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Health & Wellness

For Fitness Sake - A Fixer-Upper

Invest some time and maybe some money into fixing up what we invest a lifetime in – our bodies.

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What to Expect in the Emergency Department - Triage, Vitals & Residents, Oh My!

A visit to the Emergency Department with your child can be quite distressing. This is often stressful for the child and the parents; the system can seem hard to understand. This article has been written to explain what happens.

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Tea Time

In doing a show for CBC this morning on juices and other summer drinks, I noticed the green tea trend has extended to the manufacture of green tea carbonated drinks – of course they are capitalizing on the marketability of green tea, but be warned: they aren't always as healthy as they sound.

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Protecting Our Daughters - The New HPV Vaccine

It may seem strange to be reading about genital warts and cervical cancer in a parenting magazine. However, the recent development of a vaccination for human papilloma virus for girls and women between 9 and 25, has forced all parents of daughters to educate themselves about this major medical development.

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