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Health & Wellness

96 Days to Swimsuit Season

Wow! It’s only about 16 weeks until summer! Now’s the time to get ready to look and feel your very best. Healthy eating and active living are key to looking and feeling great. Here are 16 tips – one for each week until summer, to help you shed the extra winter pounds , tone up your body and get a ‘feel good’ glow! Cut this out, talk the ideas over with your partner or family to decide which will work for you. Then tack it on the fridge and go for it!! You’ll look good and feel great by the time you’re ready to put on your shorts and sandals!

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What To Do When Acne Attacks

Adolescence, a time of physical and emotional changes and fragile self esteem, can be made even more troubling by those dreaded lumps and bumps . . . acne.

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Is Your Child Too Sick For School

It is sometimes quite difficult to know if a mildly ill child should be kept home from school or when a recovering child should be sent back. The decision is made more difficult when alternate child-care arrangements have to be made, or when a parent must stay home from work to care for the child. This article will outline some common scenarios and will offer some guidelines to follow in making the decision.

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A Little Clumsy or Developmental Disorder?

Gerry studies his shoelaces carefully as he makes two loops and then considers the next step. The final knot laboriously completed, he runs outside to his bike. He mounts his bike, and rides off slowly with the typical wobbles of someone who has recently acquired this skill. Gerry has been doing the usual job of a child in learning these complex new skills. Sound familiar? Maybe, or maybe Gerry’s story has an important difference. Gerry is nine-years-old (with normal intelligence), and has just mastered these skills after three years of hard work.

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