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Health & Wellness

Preventing Childhood Obesity

What do your kids do when they come home from school? If they are like the majority of Canadian children today, they grab a sugary, fat-laden snack, then plop themselves down in front of the TV for most of the evening. As a result, we have a growing problem on our hands: Canadian children are getting fat!

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AADAC - The Power To Choose: The Ability To Overcome

Parents often come to AADAC looking for advice about how to protect their children from developing a problem with alcohol or other drugs. The first thing we recommend is that they demonstrate responsible use of any drug, including alcohol, since children learn by watching the behavior of others, especially their parents.

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Speech and Language Disorders - Communication Problems Can Be More Than Simple Stuttering

Speech and language are defective when they deviate so far from normal age appropriate levels that they call attention to themselves. The deviation can interfere with communication, educational, emotional, or social well-being.

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A Little Clumsy

Ryan studies his shoelaces carefully as he makes two loops and then considers the next step. The final knot laboriously completed, he runs outside to his bike. He mounts his bike, and rides off slowly with the typical wobbles of someone who has recently acquired this skill. Ryan has been doing the usual job of a child in learning these complex new skills. Sound familiar? Maybe, or maybe Ryan's story has an important difference.

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