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Edible Education - Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits for Life

If you want to teach your kids healthy eating habits that will stick with them for life, it’s simple… teach them to cook. Research shows that if kids are involved in the whole process – from picking out the groceries, helping chop and make the meals - they are much more likely to have an appreciation for healthy food and carry these eating habits into adulthood.

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Get Your Grill On: Springtime Foods from the Fire

Spring weather brings the smell of grilled food in the air, and recent winds are likely to blow the luscious scents of outdoor cooking all over Calgary. Grilling brings out the rich flavor of steak, adds unique sweetness to vegetables and fruits, and works as a perfect outdoor oven for warming bread.

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Eight Meal-Starters for Your Freezer

Does putting together a full meal sound too daunting of a task for your busy weeknights? If so, you might consider stocking your freezer with several meal-starters to help save you time and money. Even if you don’t enjoy cooking, making a few treasures for your freezer is an easy investment of your time now that will help later when you need a quick meal for your family.

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20 Things to do with Holiday Leftovers - Ideas to Help you get Creative with Your Leftovers

Do you love the traditional turkey or ham dinner for the holidays but loathe the idea of eating it for days on end? Here are 20 creative ideas for using up those leftovers before you reach the point of tossing them out.

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