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20 Things to do with Holiday Leftovers - Ideas to Help you get Creative with Your Leftovers

Do you love the traditional turkey or ham dinner for the holidays but loathe the idea of eating it for days on end? Here are 20 creative ideas for using up those leftovers before you reach the point of tossing them out.

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Toss the ‘To-Dos’! Host a ‘Progressive’ Holiday Brunch Instead

There are so many people we would like to celebrate with during the holiday season, but with so many ‘to-do’s’ to accomplish before the holidays, it is hard to find the time. A simple way to open up another date on your calendar is to host a progressive brunch. The benefit of a progressive meal is that it allows you to see several people, show off your home and host without having to go overboard on costs.

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Family-Friendly Restaurants

Eating out as a family can sometimes prove to be challenging when trying to choose a restaurant that will appeal to fussy eaters and children who are developing a more refined palate, and are ready to venture out or try something new. Finding a place that offers more options than the ubiquitous chicken fingers and fries can also be tricky. Try one of these unique restaurants the next time your family is looking for a culinary adventure. High chairs and booster seats are available at all restaurants.

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Answering the "What's for Dinner?" Question

"What's for dinner?" It's the question that begs to be answered night after night, whether you want it to or not. And that’s where it becomes a problem for many parents. But with one simple tool, which you can create for yourself, you can answer “what’s for dinner tonight?” and the next night and the next with relative ease. You’ll be able to see at a glance the recipes you use most often and develop a meal plan from there.

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