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Flavors of Camp in Your Own Back Yard

Summer camp doesn’t last forever, but you can always bring home the taste of rustic, outdoor cooking. These two easy recipes remind us of the flavors of camp cooking, but with the fire pit replaced by the convenience of a gas grill. Remind the kids of their time spent around a campfire or in the dining hall, sharing stories of the day’s adventures while eating comfort food with friends.

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Eating Out with the Kids (and Enjoying it!)

You’ve probably seen your share of restaurant disasters in which babies, toddlers and older children are too noisy, too messy and rude. You might have wondered why those people were allowed to remain on the premises to ruin another family’s nice, quiet meal. Now, fast-forward to the next time you have your children in tow and want to have a meal out. Certainly a well-meaning person like you won’t fall prey to the ‘Annoying Others’ syndrome.

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Family Tea Time Featuring Coconuts

Spring is just around the corner. As a reminder of those warmer days to come, a coconut-themed indoor family tea party is a grand idea.

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Edible Education - Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits for Life

If you want to teach your kids healthy eating habits that will stick with them for life, it’s simple… teach them to cook. Research shows that if kids are involved in the whole process – from picking out the groceries, helping chop and make the meals - they are much more likely to have an appreciation for healthy food and carry these eating habits into adulthood.

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