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Pizza on the Grill: Real Fast Food

Now that the snow and ice are thawing off our outdoor grills, it’s time to change the way you cook pizza. Never mind the pizza stone in the oven - a hot grill, with its high, direct heat and ability to create a crisp crust and char marks, is the best place to cook a pizza. Start with fresh dough, a pre-baked crust or even a frozen pizza – closing the barbecue creates an oven environment, allowing toppings and cheese to melt.

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Apple Chutney Stuffed Pork Chops

Apples and pork have always made for a great pairing. Try serving these with a helping of mashed potatoes and some vegetables for a quick and hearty winter meal.

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Roasted Apple and Acorn Squash Soup

Warm up with this deliciously simple soup on a cold day.


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The Best Things in Life are Free - and Edible

Okay, not all of the best things, but most of them. So if I’m on your gift list, give me something to eat and I’ll be happy. Food is universally well-received - those delicacies you make yourself, in your own kitchen, are more personal - they’re the gifts people remember from year to year.

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