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8 Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

With food prices on the rise, feeding a family on a budget is becoming more difficult. Luckily, even with high prices, there are still plenty of basic, simple methods to save money on food.

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Answering the “What's for Dinner” Question - Create Your Own Menu-Planning Tool

“What's for dinner?” It’s the question that begs to be answered night after night, whether you want it to or not. And that's where it becomes a problem for many parents. But with one simple tool, which you can create for yourself, you can answer that question tonight and the next night and the next with relative ease. You'll be able to see at a glance the recipes you use most often and develop a meal plan from there. Here's how you can create your own monthly menu-planning tool.

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Good to Go... in the Snow

When you live in Calgary, winter is no excuse to stay indoors. There are as many reasons to get outside as there are at other times of the year - and after an afternoon on the cross-country ski trails, at the ice rink or on the toboggan hill, you'll need replenishing. Why not pack a winter picnic? Warm, sippable soups, stews and other comfort foods transport perfectly in a Thermos or other insulated container, and effectively warm bodies from the inside out.

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Pumpkins - They're Not Just for Carving

Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around the corner, which means pumpkins are back in season! Here are some great recipes from Julie van Rosendaal using everyone's favorite October ingredient.

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