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Lunch-Packing: From Dread... to Doable

Welcome to autumn, when the days get cooler, kids head back to school and moms everywhere commit themselves to packing nutritious, delicious lunches their kids will love. Until reality sets in. Then life and schedules and parenting fatigue begin to undermine our good intentions. Lovingly-packed lunches that go uneaten, the spectre of time spent at the kitchen counter or the need to stick to a budget can wear away the strongest resolve. This year, let us bolster your determination with answers to some of your most troubling lunch-packing questions.

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Beating Those Back-To-School Blues

It’s been a wonderful summer, but now the kids’ vacation is almost at an end. Will gloom settle over your household when it’s time to say good bye to the Summer of ‘13? Psychologists and other mental health professionals are dealing more and more often these days with back-to-the-grind blues. Here are ways to cope.

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Breakfast on the Grill

Most often, backyard barbecues are fired up to cook meat - burgers and steak, generally - and almost always used at dinnertime. It’s a shame that such a useful cooking tool rarely sees its full potential - outdoor grills provide high, direct heat that’s ideal for cooking much more than beef. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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Dump the Dogs (Hot Dogs that is)... Easy and Healthy Camp Cooking

I love hot dogs, I really do, but after one too many camping trips where they seemed to appear at every meal, enough was enough. Our family is comprised of two adults with a foodie bent, one ravenous teenager, one precocious preteen and a preschooler who subsists on air. Meals that are family-friendly and healthy(ish) are a must. Through trial and error, I’ve figured out how to keep everyone well fed and happy while unchaining myself from the camp stove.

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