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Helicopter Parenting - How to Stop Hovering so Your Child Soars

No doubt, it’s scary being a parent in today’s high-tech, competitive and often violent world. “We hear stories of abductions and kids getting harmed physically and sexually,” says psychotherapist Mari Jo Rapini. “We feel a need to protect our children.” Long gone are the carefree days like when Rapini grew up in a small town, prior to cell phones, the Internet and the idea that something catastrophic could happen if she was off her parents’ radar screen. There was no feeling that if she wasn’t constantly busy with piano or soccer, she would fall behind. “My parents saw their role as providing a secure home life, plenty of sleep, good food and help with homework,” says Rapini.

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Ask a School Psychologist: Part 1 of 3 - Loss of a Loved One

My Child has Experienced a Significant Loss, How do I Help Them Cope? Heal? Experiencing loss is an unfortunate and difficult part of life; consequently, it is an experience that parents want to protect their children from for as long as possible. Regrettably, loss will touch a child’s life at some point or another, so parents need information to help their children process and heal.

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Common Sense Ways to Combat Bullying

Most of us recall our school days with a mixture of nostalgia and hazy memories. It was a long time ago. We knew bullies and probably had some run-ins with them over the years. In every era there are those children, both boys and girls, who engage in bullying behaviors.

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7 Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters

  • I don't like brussel spouts
  • Why does broccoli look like trees?
  • Vegetables make me throw up
  • Why can't we just order Take-out?

I'm sure we've all heard these phrases or something similar utter from the mouths of children. Sometimes feeding children with small appetites or picky eating styles can be difficult when planning family meals. However, learning small ways to maneuver around your child's picky eating habits might be easier than imagined. From paying attention to eating patterns based on age to letting go of some of the eating habits "we" were taught as children can help to bring the family together during dinner time and foster healthy eating habits.

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