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Secrets of Creative Families: 10 Ways to Encourage Expressive Kids

Think the arts are frivolous, impractical and over-priced? Then why not watch the film, Billy Elliot, and discuss it with your spouse afterward. Ask yourself whether your biases toward the arts prevent your children from pursuing hopes and dreams that could bring more satisfaction and joy into their lives.

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Decisions, Decisions: Six Tips to Nurture a Confident Decision Maker

As a parent, you’ve probably heard the mantra: To help your child feel a sense of control and better manage meltdowns, offer two choices you can both live with. But, what do you do if even two choices become an agonizing struggle as your child painstakingly worries over seemingly simple decisions?

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Resilience-Building 101 - Help Children Respond to Stress Better

Ever struggled with a season of anxiety? You are not alone. Managing fear and stress in today’s fast-paced culture of divorce, crime, financial and natural disasters, and violence is relevant to every single one of us. In a perfect world, as parents we would cope perfectly and confidently raise our kids to feel both competent and equipped to handle the highs and lows life brings. Since we all fall short, we need to be intentional in fostering resiliency so that our children may weather storms and face challenges with courage.

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Calm Before the Storm - Managing a Child’s Fear of the Weather

With tornado sirens howling, thunder crashing and lightening forking through dark clouds, most anyone might feel a mixture of unease and awe with nature’s dramatic display. Many families, however, would prefer to skip the show given the emotional havoc storms wreak on their kids.

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