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Tried & True - Parenting Tips From the Trenches!

Sleep cures all. Half of all discipline issues could be prevented if parents could secure a full eight hours of sleep in a 24-hour day. Make sleep a priority. The meals, laundry and clutter will always be there, but a rested, content parent is the biggest asset for patience, calmness and joy in parenting.

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Talking to Your Kids About Acts of Violence

Acts of violence can frighten anyone. The extraordinary events that have occurred in our Country and are now occurring in France are extremely unnerving and upsetting for both children and parents. It is important for people to seek help and support one another through this challenging time.

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When Family Dinner Doesn’t Work: 10 More Ways to Connect with Your Kids

As parents, we have been hearing for years about the many benefits of family dinner. Research shows that children who routinely enjoy meals with their parents have lower rates of substance abuse and depression, a stronger sense of belonging and even a better vocabulary.

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Active, Engaged and Charitable - Family Winter-Giving Getaways

Volunteering or donating items is often part of this season of giving. However, rather than use your winter budget on a winter wonderland vacation or winter activity, why not use the opportunity to show children what impactful giving is all about?

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