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Shake Up the Routine

Are your routines working? We have routines for bedtimes and getting out the door in the morning, for homework and meals to make life easier. As kids grow and family situations change, we need to adjust our routines. Sometimes routines evolve, but other times you’ll need to fiddle with things to find a new solution.

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Taming Butterflies - Help Kids Calm Public Speaking Jitters

"Speak up! I can’t hear you!" boomed my seventh grade Life Science teacher from the back of the room. To this day, I vividly recall how the words I practiced at home stubbornly clung to the back of my throat and only agreed to tumble out in mutters. Standing frozen in front of my staring peers, I wanted to dissolve into the floor.

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The Four Parts to Discipline

Discipline is a complex matter. The days are long and complications abound - there are many, many things we must get our children to do, or stop them from doing - all day, every day. Add the fact that children don’t always listen to us, or do the things we want them to do, and you can understand why parenting is a challenge!

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Role Play - Helping Children Choose Positive Role Models

Kids’ role models run the gamut, from Grandpa to a gold medalist to a Grammy winner, and help impart life lessons as they encourage kids to strive for success.

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