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Now Hear This! Is Anyone Listening?

When you call your child, does it seem like he’s wearing ear plugs? After the third or fourth request, do you have to go and get him? Here’s something to consider. Perhaps your child has learned exactly what you’ve taught him - the first three calls are just warm-ups, and that you don’t really need him to move until you come and get him. But this routine can change!

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A Teachable Moment: Be an Alcohol Role Model This December

It's time to get into the holiday spirit-parties, gifts and, of course eggnog and other alcoholic beverages. Therefore, this season offers an excellent opportunity to consider whether we are communicating the very best, healthiest messages to our children about drinking alcohol. After all, research continues to support the idea that kids and teens are more influenced by their parents that by anyone else - even peers. 

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Reading Builds Brains & Bonds - Your Family Doctor may Prescribe: ‘Read Aloud to Your Child’

A pilot project starting this Fall will have a number of family doctors and health care professionals gifting a board book to infants and giving their parents a written prescription to ‘read aloud to your child for 15 minutes a day.’ The doctor’s guidance will come through a conversation during the child’s checkup and via take-away information about why reading aloud is important to a child’s development. It will include tips and ideas to help make reading aloud a fun and effective daily family habit.

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The No-Fear Guide to Handling Public Tantrums

Looking for the thrill of a good horror flick this month? Forget Michael Myers. I have two words for you: public tantrum. There’s nothing like parenting a screaming child amid a staring crowd to inspire the thrill seeker’s sweaty palms and coveted Knot of Dread.

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