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Will You be my Friend? Helping Your Child Build Friendships

For many kids, building friendships comes as naturally as breathing in air or waking up in the morning. For others, the process is filled with landmines of fear, anxiety and discouragement. Experts agree that friendship-building is a skill - it can be learned.

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No-Drama Discipline: Get Kids to Cooperate without Losing Your Cool

Have a hitting toddler, a mouthy grade-schooler or a defiant teen? Time for some loving discipline. But take note: modern kids require a new brand of parental guidance.

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Beyond Toys and Games: Gifts That Keep on Giving

The Christmas gifts are wrapped and piled in a beautiful array under the tree. When the children open them, some of their holiday dreams will come true and everyone will be filled with holiday joy. Now, fast forward to a week or two later, and those longed-for toys and games are either broken or they’ve become just another part of the possession pile - almost passé.

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Ask a School Psychologist - Are There Brain-Based Games That can Strengthen How my Child Thinks and Learns?

Brain science is a quickly growing field with many institutions making this a priority for research funding. With increasing knowledge about the brain has come growth in production and sales of ‘brain-based’ games and programs.

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