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Ask Elizabeth - “I’ll Race You!” Fun Ways to Engage Cooperation

Do you have a child who won’t cooperate with your requests? Do you repeat yourself so often that you sometimes feel invisible? Don’t get frustrated! Don’t yell, beg or threaten! Instead, try one of these fun and effective approaches.

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A Teachable Moment - Clean Up Your Room!

I have just discovered the existence of a fabulous day, worthy of celebration. It occurs right before Mother’s Day, and may be even better! It’s called Clean Up Your Room Day and it occurs every year on May 10. Picture your child’s bedroom as neat as a pin without nagging or threats...skeptical? Me too!

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Six Annoying Things Your Children do that are Actually Good for Them

Kids test parents’ patience all the time. They whine, bargain, cry, mope and dawdle. They yell and scream and make themselves the centre of attention. Sometimes they dig their heels in and simply refuse to budge. While we may wish our kids would be compliant, cooperative and sunny in temperament, the reality is that they are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. They are learning how to manage their emotions, whether it’s sadness, anger or fear. Kids do this by expressing themselves in the moment. Unlike adults, most young children don’t hold in what they are feeling. They release pent-up emotions right when they feel them, if we let them, and then they move on!

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Helping Stay-At-Home or Single Dads Without Stepping on Toes

Does a stay-at-home or single dad have a tougher job than a mom? Many people treat them that way. My husband was the one to care for our daughter after school while I worked. His duties included taking her to Wednesday evening gymnastics classes while I taught at the local community college.

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