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Parent Connection

Rekindle, Recharge, Rejuvenate

Many of us struggle with the mom martyr complex: It’s my job to be selfless and put my children first. It’s my responsibility to think of my family at all times. It’s my role as a mom to put my needs secondary, third or fourth after the needs of my family.

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Creating More Peace at Home

Creating more peace at home is hard work. Even my most valiant attempts at discipline - teaching my children to obey the rules and exhibit self-control - reveal I am sorely lacking it myself. These discipline strategies offer straight talk to help us become more effective at discipline.

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Does it Still Take a Village to Raise a Child?

In many communities, the children have gone inside. The adults have gone inside as well. Even so, there are many situations (online and off) in which adults observe children misbehaving and say nothing. 

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A Teachable Moment - Post Holiday Blues

For a great many people, post holiday-season winter can be an emotional let-down, and the beginning of three long, cold months that seem to go on forever. In fact, cold, snowy weather and short, dark days can bring out the worst in parents who feel cooped up with bored, whining children...sound familiar? Being stuck indoors makes everyone cranky! Winter can make parents less patient, less understanding and more frustrated with kids who are bickering with siblings, making endless messes and watching hours of mindless TV.

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