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Growing Up Online: Are You Sharing Too Much?

In the era of over-sharing, it’s not surprising that parents post photos of their kids on social media. What’s truly startling is the popularity of something that has been called, for better or worse, ‘kid-shaming.’ The idea of taking a photo of a sign hanging around a loved one’s neck seems to have started with pets. Maybe it is funny to see dogs, cats and even hamsters who seem to be confessing their ‘sins,’ but when children are the subject of these photos, many viewers find themselves cringing instead of chuckling.

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Making Music Builds Brain Power in Kids

Many parents in the Calgary area naturally turn to sports as the first option when lining up after-school activities for their children. However, always putting the arts on the backburner may be a mistake, especially for children that are in the early years of preschool through elementary. Music instruction, in particular, is something that parents may want to explore a bit more. Even if a child is not musically inclined, many benefits are gained from a brief introduction to the fundamentals of either voice training or learning to play a simple musical instrument.

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One Day at a Time: 30 Days to a Healthier Social Life

Relocations, new babies and other life transitions can throw a wrench in your social network, leaving you feeling disconnected and lonely. Use the adjustment period as a chance to make a fresh start. Carefully consider your priorities and build connections that support your personal health and the well-being of your family.

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Drift Away From the Trusty Shores of Habit - Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

How many times do we all talk about, or even set about, making that proverbial ‘fresh start’ or ‘new beginning’ only to find ourselves drifting back to the trusty shores of habit? Sometimes we instigate change, or a change just occurs, bigger than our own sense of willpower and we have to handle it - we don’t have a choice.

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