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Helping Kids Deal with the Death of Cory Monteith

Parents have an important role to play in assisting their children to deal with and try to understand the death of Cory Monteith. Even kids who are not fans, or "gleeks" as they are known will likely be aware of the tragedy and talking, tweeting, reading and thinking about it. They will be talking to their friends and trying to understand what happened. Here is this wildly successful, likeable and talented young man who takes an overdose. Here are two issues for parents to address, one is drug use and the second is the grieving process.

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How to Help Your Child Understand the Flood Crisis

Children are affected by natural disasters, but their level of understanding varies with their age and language ability. As parents and caregivers, we want to support them and encourage them to express their feelings and thoughts about the event. Here is an ages and stages guide to help you channel their anxiety into positive actions.

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Breaking the Cycle of ‘Perfect Mom' Syndrome

You’re late for your son’s school conference, you forgot to pick up your daughter’s prescription at the pharmacy and you still haven’t figured out what’s for dinner tonight. You start hearing the voices in your head that say you’re a bad mom and you promise yourself you’ll do better, that you’ll become the perfect parent and never mess up again.

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Potty Training: Ready? Or Not?

I know with my friends, our kids attained that coveted potty trained status at different ages, some around two, some closer to three-and-a-half and others just before four. Some kids seemed to achieve it rather easily – while others started and revolted, started again, revolted a bit more and then committed. No two potty training stories seemed to be the same.

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