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9 Ways to Keep the Happy in Your Child’s Birthday

Expectations of both parents and children run high to have the perfect party. This can make planning and hosting a birthday party stressful. Despite your best efforts, if you have a young or sensitive child, it is possible that your child or a guest may end up in tears  at the exciting, stimulating event in which you have  invested considerable time and money.

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24 Hours of Fun Without Breaking the Bank!

Birthday parties can be expensive, if you don’t watch your bottom line. But, surprise! You can throw a 24-hour slumber party for your child’s birthday that won’t break the bank or cause mom and dad to have a nervous breakdown. Here’s how:

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Girls Rock! A Late-Over Party for Your Tween-Age Daughter

Your daughter asked to have a sleepover for her birthday party, but you just don’t think you can make it until morning with a group of hyper tweens. No need to worry - have a late-over party  instead. A late-over party has all the benefits of a sleep over, but with a good night’s sleep.

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Goodie Bags that Really are a Treat

Party goodie bags - some parents love to put them together and other parents... not so much. I’m one of those people that love putting them together, and I get so excited when I come up with the perfect treat to send the kids home with. Packing goodie bags can be tricky, though, so I understand why some parents want to avoid that part of the party planning.

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