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Frosty Fun! 23 Cool Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Children with winter birthdays might have the good fortune of sharing their special day with classmates, but they also get the short end of the stick when it comes to outdoor activities. If party guests trek over snow and ice to help celebrate, reward them with a spectacular time. Don your hats, your coats and your sense of adventure!

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Romantic Comedy Movie Marathon Party

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to share this unique party idea: Romantic Comedy Movie Marathon! This would be perfect for a tween or teen slumber party or even a ladies night with your best girlfriends.

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All Grown Up? Host a Teen Dinner Party

As children get into their tween and teen years, it can be more difficult to think of a party theme. A lot of kids will want to skip the theme and go with something slightly more sophisticated while using their favorite colors. A simple dinner party with your teen’s favorite foods may be the perfect idea - a little party at home before they head out to the movies.

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Football Tailgate Party

Football season is here again! You don’t have to be at the game or on the couch to enjoy the game - you can plan a party out in your vehicle. Yep, a Football Tailgate Party! Tailgate parties aren’t just for trucks - an SUV or minivan will work perfectly as well. Before you head inside to enjoy the game, here are some fun ideas for planning a football tailgate party in your own driveway.

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