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Holiday Walks and Pit Stops

A winter urban walkabout is the perfect family outing because there is something for everyone: Christmas lights, sunrises, chickadees, wild Christmas trees, and hot chocolate endings. Let’s walk!

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New & Fun Easter Morning Hunts

Spring will have officially sprung when Easter arrives this year. Even so, you may want to be prepared for an Easter egg hunt that can be done indoors, if necessary. Kids absolutely love the idea of a hunt for some sort of treasure. While you may do the traditional egg-dyeing, you may want to have some other ‘loot’ to put into the plastic eggs, including some edible goodies.

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Celebrate New Year's Eve

It is a huge understatement to say that 2020 has been difficult, so everyone deserves to celebrate! Your family has made it through 2020, and 2021 will soon be here. Don’t think about the past; look to the future! How is your family going to welcome the New Year? Skating at your local rink? Tobogganing? Enjoying a nice fire and watching your family’s favorite movies? These are all great options to celebrate New Year’s, but let’s add a little visualization to the mix!

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Gifts from the Kids

As the holidays quickly approach, are your kids scrounging to buy gifts they can’t afford? If so, offer them these fun ideas to make gifts from the heart.

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