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Holiday Gift Giving - the Frugal Way

Living a frugal lifestyle does not hinder you from giving great gifts to your friends and family. Just roll up your sleeves, do the math, and flex your creativity muscle! Read on for my family’s process when it comes to holiday gift giving.

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Holiday Traditions With a Twist

In 2015, I wrote an article for Calgary’s Child entitled “Traditions with a Twist.” Now, with another six years of parenting, life experience, and time to observe friends and communities around the holidays under my belt, I want to share more ideas with you. I believe holiday traditions are more important than ever as we all navigate an ever-changing world. Now is the perfect time to lean on some classic holiday family activities and evolve them in order to enjoy and embrace life to the fullest. Read on for a few of my twists on traditions to consider adding to your family’s holiday season.

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Holiday Walks and Pit Stops

A winter urban walkabout is the perfect family outing because there is something for everyone: Christmas lights, sunrises, chickadees, wild Christmas trees, and hot chocolate endings. Let’s walk!

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New & Fun Easter Morning Hunts

Spring will have officially sprung when Easter arrives this year. Even so, you may want to be prepared for an Easter egg hunt that can be done indoors, if necessary. Kids absolutely love the idea of a hunt for some sort of treasure. While you may do the traditional egg-dyeing, you may want to have some other ‘loot’ to put into the plastic eggs, including some edible goodies.

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