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The case for Christmas cards

Every year, at the end of November and the first days of December, I get my address book out and start writing Christmas cards. I write the dreaded “brag letter” of what our family has done since last year, I get this year’s photos printed, and my son and I take several days to write or draw in every single card.

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Rethinking the gingerbread house

Winter is here, and with it, the holiday season! That means it’s time to think about the annual holiday traditions you share with the family. One of the traditions my family has always enjoyed is creating a gingerbread house. 

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Christmas cookie exchanges

Getting friends together over the holidays can be a struggle! Hosting a party that’s good for adults and kids, figuring out if you’re doing presents or not, even scheduling something that everyone can attend can be a real challenge as the years go by. 

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Balancing family holiday expectations

One of the greatest sources of stress over holidays, according to my clients, is trying to keep extended family members happy. No matter the holiday, it falls on one specific day. Now that your children have their own children and two (or, more and more commonly, three or four) sets of in-laws, planning visits can be a real frustration.

If everyone wanted you to be with them on Christmas Day, that would often be impossible. Many parents want Christmas morning at home with their children. If grandparents become hurt or impose guilt trips if things don’t go their way, that adds a whole other level of distress.

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