PCA 2020


The Importance of Exposing Your Kids to the Arts

For kids growing up pre-Netflix, we were left to our own devices. No, not iPad and iPhone devices, but creativity and imagination! This is not to say technology is not a remarkable tool for education and innovation. But the ease of these tools often sidelines the importance of screen-free time.

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Learn to Love the Great Outdoors - Raising Nature Lovers

If you or your kids think nature is boring and there is nothing to do out there, then I think you are in for a great surprise. Just getting to know nature better is key. Like making a new friend, it takes a few activities, talks and visits to realize how much fun you can have in nature. In fact, hanging out in any of our amazing Calgary parks is guaranteed to pack a fun punch that rivals any indoor activity!

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Top 10 Spots for Family Fun in Calgary

Looking for something to do? Our readers voted in our 2016 Parents' Choice Awards and told us their favorite family fun spots in Calgary - here are our top 10!

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Top 10 Family Tourist Attractions in Calgary

Have family visiting? Want to explore the city? Our readers voted in our 2016 Parents' Choice Awards and told us their favorite tourist attractions in Calgary - here are our top 10! 

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