PCA 2020


Indoor Winter Fun: 25 Ways for Kids to Get Their Ya-Yas Out

When the weather outside is frightful and you are fresh out of fun ways to keep kids entertained, turn to this list of ideas. The key is to stop thinking like an adult and to remember how to think like a kid. Once you accomplish this, who knows what kind of mischief you will help your kids dream up!

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Cross-Country Skiing in and Around Calgary

Will this be the winter you skip the annual ‘escape’ to the tropical all-inclusive and opt instead to begin a love affair… with winter? Perhaps you’ve always wondered why so many people are crazy about cross-country skiing.

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25 Can’t-Miss Family Stories and Movies

It’s family movie night! Mom, dad and the kids are relaxing on the couch, watching a film they can all enjoy and talk about when it’s over. All too often, the reality is that parents settle for watching movies they will tolerate because they know their kids will love them. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Winter Break Blues: Cure Cabin Fever and Stay Sane

Your house looks like a toy store explosion inside a wrapping paper factory. In between cartoon marathons and stealthy candy-cane binges, your cooped-up kids shriek, “I’m bored!” at top volume. Your holiday decorations (and your sanity) hang by a thread. Sound familiar? You may be suffering from Winter Break Blues.

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