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Affordable Winter Fun

Although the financial ‘holiday hangover’ can leave you dreading your bank statement this time of year, it doesn’t mean your family has to be stuck at home for the rest of winter! From free meals to low-cost movies and much more, Calgary has many budget- friendly activities for children that will keep your family entertained and your bank account intact.

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10 Places to Cross-Country Ski As a Family This Year

Cross-country skiing is an affordable winter sport that is easy to learn for the whole family. It’s free to ski on most groomed trails, and once you invest in the equipment, you’re good to go. I recommend starting off with second-hand skis and boots while the kids are still growing, or you can rent skis for the occasional day if you aren’t ready to commit to the sport yet.

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5 Family-Friendly Breweries in Calgary

The days of bringing your baby to a bar being taboo are over (thankfully!), and there is no longer a need to get a babysitter if you want to enjoy a fun afternoon at one of Calgary’s amazing breweries. Craft breweries have been popping up at a rapid pace since the Alberta Government changed regulations to abolish the minimum production law in late 2013, and our city is now host to dozens of brewing establishments. With this influx of craft breweries comes a welcome change in the cultural drinking scene with many breweries becoming more family-, and even dog-, friendly in response to demand from their customers. “Breweries are community gathering places and need to be open for everyone,” says Ben Leon, managing director of The Dandy Brewing CompanyTM. “The culture of craft beer is not that of night clubs. They are much more like the classic small- town pubs in England, where families gather and spend time together every week.”

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Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Just because it’s Fall and the kids are back in school doesn’t mean you have to say good-bye quite yet to beach days for another year. Living in Calgary, we often get some gorgeous weekends in September and you can still enjoy a lakeside picnic while the kids play in the water. Rent inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) for the family to take with you for a fun day at the beach (you may be inspired to add stand up paddle boards for the family to your Christmas wish list this year, too!).

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