PCA 2020


Kid Approved! Fun Landmarks in Calgary’s Parks

When you think back to your favorite play places, what was special about them? Was it boulders and trees for climbing? Or maybe it was secret forts or watering holes. When you look through the eyes of a child, there is magic and fun all around! Landmarks become destinations to visit again and again.

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10 Things to Do While the Kids Are Away

Woo hoo! It’s ‘me’ time! The kids are away at camp or gone to grandma’s house and you’ve got time for yourself. If you’ve been too busy planning your kids’ summer vacations to even think about yours, try these ten terrific ideas. You’ll be so busy enjoying yourself that you might forget how much you miss them.

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The Importance of Exposing Your Kids to the Arts

For kids growing up pre-Netflix, we were left to our own devices. No, not iPad and iPhone devices, but creativity and imagination! This is not to say technology is not a remarkable tool for education and innovation. But the ease of these tools often sidelines the importance of screen-free time.

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Learn to Love the Great Outdoors - Raising Nature Lovers

If you or your kids think nature is boring and there is nothing to do out there, then I think you are in for a great surprise. Just getting to know nature better is key. Like making a new friend, it takes a few activities, talks and visits to realize how much fun you can have in nature. In fact, hanging out in any of our amazing Calgary parks is guaranteed to pack a fun punch that rivals any indoor activity!

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