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Protect Children From Window Falls

Open windows are a sign of summer-warm weather, a nice breeze. But they can also be an unintended hazard for young children with natural curiosity. That is why The City of Calgary has teamed up with health care practitioners not only to educate Canadians about the risk of open windows, but to change the national building code to make windows safer. “Every year across Canada, over 420 young children are treated in emergency departments because they have fallen out of second-storey windows in their homes,” says Civitarese, The City of Calgary’s chief building official. “At least 50 of those victims are children who receive medical treatment in Alberta, alone.”

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Head Injury

A concussion is a mild brain injury resulting from a jarring of the brain following a head injury. Head injuries can result from: a direct blow to the head, a hit to the upper body, or a rapid accelerating/decelerating force on the body. These forces cause the brain to move inside the skull. Concussion symptoms can occur even without a loss of consciousness (fainting/blackout) and can last minutes or hours to days and months. Concussions are a brain injury that will not be seen on x-rays, CT scans, or MRIs. They can affect the way a child may think, behave, and remember things.

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Calgary Police Service: Water Safety

With summer right around the corner, Calgarians will soon be looking to take their family activities outdoors. If your family is planning to go floating, boating, or kayaking down the Bow and Elbow rivers, or enjoy a community lake this summer, don’t forget that where there’s water, there’s risk.

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Calgary Police Service: Fraud Prevention

It’s easy to think you or your family would never fall victim to fraudsters, but the reality is scammers target everyone. Citizens from different backgrounds, ages, education, and income levels are sought out by fraudsters who are constantly changing their methods to attract potential victims. March is Fraud Prevention Month, which means the Calgary Police Service (CPS) will be working all month with various community partners to ensure Calgarians are armed with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves and their families from scams.

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