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Calling for a Little Quiet Time - How Time Spent Alone can Foster Creativity and Independence among Children

Ever felt the need for a peaceful retreat if for no other reason than to collect your thoughts? Your kids might need to do the same. Some experts fear that in a world muddied with thousands of distractions, structured activities and constant entertainment options, our children do not spend enough time alone simply relaxing or engaging in quiet, unplugged play.

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Siblings as Babysitters - Is Your Older Child Ready?

Summer is almost here, and many working parents are trying to figure out what to do with kids while school is out, but their jobs are not. Some parents opt for summer camps; while others arrange for university students to act as child care providers to fill in until September.

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Are You Being Held Ransom by Kiddie Extortion? 8 Strategies for Teaching Your Children Self-Control

It’s never too early to start giving your children the tools they’ll need to be successful throughout their lives. As you focus on this goal, remember that self-control isn’t just about waiting; it also includes self-regulation and self-motivation. Read on for eight tips on how to help your children learn self-control.

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A Parenting Coach's Top 10 Tips for Calming Your Contrary Child

One of the most frustrating stages of toddlerhood can be when a child learns to master the word, “No.” Between the ages of 15 and 30 months, a toddler begins to realize that they are a separate person from their parents; a person who has their own will and their own mind. As this realization sets in, a child begins to discover their independence and begins to practice asserting this independence to all who will listen. It’s this stage of development that is usually marked by a child singing a seemingly continuous chorus of a loud and proud, “No.”

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