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Learning from Love

Support healthy relationship skills development by following these Dos & Don’ts:

Your daughter’s latest crush has a shock of thick black hair and a brown belt in Aikido. Enamored of his vegetarian lifestyle and Eastern interests, she’s talking tofu and downloading anime movies by the gigabyte. You? Not so impressed.

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Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

“We can’t give people talent, but we can train the eye and the ear and the mind, and we can help our children gain
access to a creative way of seeing. We can also help them gain the concentration, competence, perseverance and optimism necessary to succeed in creative pursuits.” – Laura Markham

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21 Questions to Jump-Start Conversation With Your Kids

It’s evening. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be sitting around the dinner table as a family. Or perhaps you’ve got a few moments in the car with your child between activities. So you ask, “How was your day?” But all you get are grunts and shrugged shoulders. Instead you try asking, “What did you do in school today?” This time you get the customary one-word answer: “Nothing.”

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Coping with Tragedy - How to Offer Hope to Grieving Children

Has someone important in your child’s life passed away? As a school counselor, I have worked with many grieving children. Parents often seek guidance when a loved one has passed. Some struggle to find the words that will help their children understand.

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