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Back-to-School Separation Anxiety: Kindergarten and College (Giving Your Kids Wings to Fly....While Helping Them Keep Their Feet on the Ground)

Human beings, like other animals, have a considerable stake in the wellbeing of their offspring. When children are very young, a great deal of time and effort is invested in keeping them safe. Infants are kept close by and strangers are treated with certain wariness. The tendency to be guarded may become exaggerated or persist too long as a child grows up. Such a parent is said to be "overprotective."

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21 Tips for Fostering Effective and Connective Discipline

Time-ins versus time-outs. What's the difference? As it turns out, quite a bit. Many adults are familiar with the concept of time-outs, the process of separating the child (withholding attention, the highest motivator for any child) from their parents (often in another part of the house, if home) for the purpose of calming down, thinking about their behavior and regrouping. Overused, time-outs can quickly become ineffective and both the parent and the child can feel bad about the experience.

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Big Steps, Little Strides - You Can Do It By Yourself

We want our children to develop self-reliance and independence, yet if we are not mindful in our parenting, we may hinder their ability to do so. Frequently we do too much, we fail to step aside or we overprotect and hover in the name of love.

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To Give or Not to Give - The Allowance Conundrum

When Oliver was 10 years old, he bought a microscope for $300. Part of the money came from his own saved allowance and part was lent to him by his father, Markus Barker*, on the promise that he would pay him back as soon as possible. Almost 15 years later, Oliver lives debt-free and has a solid savings account. Is an allowance the best way to teach a child to be money-savvy? It depends who you ask.

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