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Parenting Challenges - New Ways To Look At Common Problems

In today’s world, it’s easy for parents to feel competitive and to think they need to parent their children the way “everybody’s doing it,” says family therapist and educator Michael Gurian, author of Nurture The Nature: Understanding and Supporting Your Child’s Unique Core Personality (Jossey-Bass). But it’s important to understand your child as an individual and to set healthy limits that work for your family, he says. We asked Gurian’s advice on some of today’s common parenting challenges.

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My Child Is A Bully?!

Bullying continues to haunt children throughout our country’s communities and schools. But what do you do if you find out your child is a bully?

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Preventing Playdate Pandemonium

Playdates were anything but playful for Piper Leslie’s two older children, 10-year-old Kaylee and 9-year-old Kyle. “When we first started playdates, Kaylee was usually the one to have friends over,” she says. “Kyle has Asperger’s Syndrome and has a harder time making friends, and I never wanted him to feel left out, so I always made Kaylee include him.” But when fights started springing up between the normally close pair, Leslie knew she needed a new playdate plan of action.

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Ask Elizabeth: Too Shy For Words

Children are very different from one another. Some thrive in environments filled with people. They talk to anyone they meet. They tell stories, and they may even sing their latest song for a delighted group of onlookers. Other children, though, are overwhelmed by a room full of new people, let alone one new person who asks, “What is your name?” This article will cover shyness in two different situations: around adults and around other children.

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