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Raising a Good Listener

Ask moms how to raise a good listener, and you’ll be met with a variety of responses. Some, like Eva Gavin, will laugh out loud and say, “If you write about kids who ignore their parents all the time, I’m your woman.” Others may tell you they have it all together and that their children always listen to them and do everything they say (don’t trust these women!).

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Teach Your Children Well - The Four Steps of Discipline

Discipline is a very complicated and complex matter. We want to enjoy our children, we don’t want to stress about the little things, and we want to be forgiving to our children and our selves. However, there are many, many things we must get our children to do, or stop them from doing – all day, every day.

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The Social Circle - Does Your Child Play by the Rules? Raise a Child Who Gets Invited Back

It’s cold outside and kids and adults are restless. Playdates are a great way to keep your children connected to their friends during the winter months. With more socialization comes an opportunity to help your little one learn to be a kind host and a respectful guest.

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Turn Your Child’s Performance Around: How to Help When Your Child is Struggling in School

School can be challenging. Not only are there social and extra-curricular pressures that can make school hard, schoolwork itself can be the most difficult. In this situation, a good parent can turn their child’s performance around, helping them to regain confidence and pick up their grades. Handling the situation poorly can lead to the child rebelling and falling even further behind. How does a parent help a child that is struggling at school?

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