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Ask Elizabeth: Too Shy For Words

Children are very different from one another. Some thrive in environments filled with people. They talk to anyone they meet. They tell stories, and they may even sing their latest song for a delighted group of onlookers. Other children, though, are overwhelmed by a room full of new people, let alone one new person who asks, “What is your name?” This article will cover shyness in two different situations: around adults and around other children.

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A Special Solution to Sibling Strife

They’d barely tumbled in the door from school when it started. “Mom! I called that seat first!” “Mom! She took two cookies and I only got one!” And there I was, jumping in to play referee… again.

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How to Talk to Your Children about Drugs and Alcohol

It can be a challenge to know just how and when to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol. Many parents worry that by bringing up the subject, it may encourage their child to experiment.

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Surviving Holiday Gatherings


For those of us from families built on Debbie Downer DNA, there’s only one direction a mood can go during holiday get-togethers, and that’s down.

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