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’Tis the Season for Teachable Moments: 9 Ways to Help Your Kids (Politely!) Connect and Communicate This Holiday Season

“Aww, man! I wanted a new game for my Xbox, not another sweater.” Or, “…click…click…” (That’s the sound of a teenager texting instead of answering Aunt Debbie’s question.) If you’re a parent, you’ve been there at one point or another, and you know that a child’s social missteps - even if they aren’t purposeful or malicious - can be mortifying.

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Dear Dads: 10 Important Lessons to Teach Your Sons

At some point during my six years as a mother, I realized that no matter what I say or do or teach, my two boys will inevitably, instinctively even, look to their father on how to react to any given situation in life. Simply because he is a male.

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Make Bedtime Stress-Free and Fun


For many parents, children’s bedtime is a stressful routine filled with strife and anxiety.  When this is the case, the last few minutes of the day spent with your children can leave you feeling frazzled and even make you doubt your parenting skills.  The good news is bedtime doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Here are five tips to get the stress out of your evening routine and end your time with the kids on a high note.

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Early Bird Nightmares: Coping With Kids and Daylight Savings Time

Back before you were a parent, the end of daylight savings was a welcome relief to pitch black mornings. An extra hour of sleep is more valuable than gold, especially post parenthood. Enter Sweet Bundle of Joy who doesn't share your affinity of snoozing and also has a set, circadian rhythm that doesn't magically readjust over a weekend.

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