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10 Things the Babysitter Should Know Before Your Next Night Out

Whether you hire a neighborhood teen or a more seasoned sitter, you want to set them up for success. Armed with a little insider information and your mom-knows-best tips, they’ll be ready for whatever kid chaos develops in your absence.

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Beyond the Sticker Chart. Stickers: Positive Reinforcement or Bribery?

Many parents use sticker charts in the name of positive discipline. Sticker charts are a popular form of non-punitive parenting, and they do work… to a point. They do allow parents to teach children behaviors like doing homework or exemplifying kindness to others without yelling, spanking or threatening punishments. But using sticker charts as a way to encourage children to achieve behavioral goals sends a surprising hidden message to kids about behavior.

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Manners Count During the Holiday Season and All Year Round

The excitement of the holiday season can bring out the best in kids, but it often brings out their worst. Nagging, whining and a lack of “please” and “thank you” are not uncommon during this festive but frenetic time of year.

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Stranger Danger? 10 Smart Strategies to Help Keep Your Child Safe

With the parade sounds of blaring horns and beating drums marching off into the distance, Angie Worth, along with her newborn daughter, Ella, her two-year-old son, Todd, and her elderly grandmother began to head back to the car. The exciting morning turned into panicked chaos when Worth lost sight of her energetic toddler. “Todd took off running into the crowd and was out of my sight in just a few seconds,” Worth says. “I started yelling his name and running in the general direction of where I thought he might be.” Just as she was about to call the police, Todd reappeared. “I was so relieved and shaken at the same time,” she says.

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