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5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Argue Less

Siblings argue for many different reasons depending on their personality and their age.

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Fights with Friends

When your child has a friend over, and disagreements arise, they can both say cruel and hurtful things to each other.

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When Fido Goes to Heaven

The loss of a beloved pet is often the first time a child has experienced the death of a close family member. Depending on the age of your child, parents can take some steps before hand to prepare the child for the death of a pet.

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Talking to Kids About Tragedy

Talking to children about tragedy is a job most parents would love to avoid. If only our children did not need to hear about things in the news. But of course, they do hear. And they are full of questions: Could this happen to me? What’s going to happen to the children? Can I do anything to help the children I see on TV?

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