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Eight Sleep Tips for Every Child

Tips from The No-Cry Discipline Solution

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Cranky Kids: How to Keep Them From Melting Down

Even the shortest line can seem never-ending when you have a cranky kid, especially if your child is too big to be held or to sit in the cart. To keep tantrums and candy-grabbing at a minimum while trying to check-out, it’s best to be prepared and have a plan.

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The Parenting Quiz

How do you describe the parenting job? I looked for one word to describe the parenting job. I settled on “intricate” when I read Webster ‘s definition: something hard to understand because it’s full of puzzling parts and details. I can think of no other job that requires you to be more flexible and open-minded, or demands that you stay alert and focused day after day.

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Time-In, Not Time-Out

Tired of holding the bedroom door closed to make your child stay in time-out? Frustrated because your child isn’t using his time-out to calm down and think about restitution? Perhaps it’s time to re-think the use of time-out.

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