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Five Tips on How to Give your Kids an Allowance

Giving kids an allowance is a time honored tradition as old as, well, having them make their beds or set the dinner table. But it turns out that for many of today's families, the ritual of allowance giving can create a lot of stress and apprehension.

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Making Time for the Family

As the end of the school year approaches, life becomes even more hectic than usual, consumed by final projects, recitals, awards ceremonies and graduations! Everyone runs in different directions, and it can be challenging to find time to connect as a family.

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Nine Top Tips to Tame the Power of Technology When it Interferes With Homework

Technology has transformed our world, but for our kids, life without gadgets would be unimaginable. They expect to have access to these devices 24/7, but their expectations and reality are very different. Technology can be an asset to learning. It can also be a significant detractor unless parents establish clear policies and consequences.

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Love on the Go! Tips on Staying Connected to our Children

There’s no doubt about it, mornings, afternoons and evenings are busy for families. Between checking homework, getting the kids to school, afternoon practices and activities, there is little time for parents and children to connect throughout the day, although they recognize the importance of doing so.

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