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How to Feel at Home in a New Location - 9 Tips to Help You Thrive

Whether it’s your first move to a new city or province, or your fifth, we’ve all experienced that rush of anxiety once we reach a new location. We want to feel connected within our community, to instantly have life set up and running – to feel at home.

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Five Tips to Help Create a Peaceful Stepfamily Holiday

The holidays descended upon us quickly after my husband and I married mid-October and began our new life together. My expectations of a joyous holiday season faded as the reality of combining two households with different traditions and outside family members settled on us. I wasn’t prepared for the chaos and heartache that accompanied our first Christmas together.

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We are Family - Time Together Builds More than Memories

The Christensen boys play basketball – a lot of it. And they can be seen in the stands at each other’s games watching intently and keeping track of the score in the family’s official game book. Attending and watching their siblings’ games is part of who they are. It’s part of their family identity.

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Back-to-School Separation Anxiety: Kindergarten and College (Giving Your Kids Wings to Fly....While Helping Them Keep Their Feet on the Ground)

Human beings, like other animals, have a considerable stake in the wellbeing of their offspring. When children are very young, a great deal of time and effort is invested in keeping them safe. Infants are kept close by and strangers are treated with certain wariness. The tendency to be guarded may become exaggerated or persist too long as a child grows up. Such a parent is said to be "overprotective."

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