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Solo Support - Single Parent Dating

Dear ModernBlindDates: I’m just starting to date again after my divorce about a year ago, and I’m wondering how long I should wait before introducing my boyfriend to my kids. How do people manage this? I’m totally lost - Calgary Single Mom.

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I Have Another Name!

While in college, Michele Kus walked out of a jazz band audition vowing never to play music publicly again. Burnout had pushed her over the edge. 20 years later, after seven years as a full-time mom and the birth of her third child, she was exhausted from parenting and in need of a territory to call her own. Unexpectedly, she found herself being drawn into playing keyboard at her church. This time, music became a lifeline.

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Rekindle, Recharge, Rejuvenate

Many of us struggle with the mom martyr complex: It’s my job to be selfless and put my children first. It’s my responsibility to think of my family at all times. It’s my role as a mom to put my needs secondary, third or fourth after the needs of my family.

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Creating More Peace at Home

Creating more peace at home is hard work. Even my most valiant attempts at discipline - teaching my children to obey the rules and exhibit self-control - reveal I am sorely lacking it myself. These discipline strategies offer straight talk to help us become more effective at discipline.

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