PCA 2020


Making the Best of a Sub-par Watermelon

We bought a watermelon yesterday. Brought it home, cut into it and found it had already passed its prime. I hate that. It's one of those scenerios that typically involves me insisting I'll take it back, digging out the receipt and setting the offending fruit aside to support our already thriving community of fruit flies (that's what you get for trying to compost). Of course I never get around to taking it back but I do spend a couple weeks irritated over wasting $5.88.

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The Italian Supermarket - Discover New Food With an Italian Flare

It’s true that kids are more likely to eat food they have made themselves than that which someone else prepared and as such may come across as unidentifiable (read: weird) even if they are familiar with all the ingredients. The same applies to new foods – allowing them to choose new produce, new cheeses, different shaped pastas and other food products themselves greatly increases the odds that they will actually eat (and enjoy) them.

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Making the World a Better Place - One Pie at a Time

Not much makes me happier during the summer months than going to a U-pick farm (visit pickyourown.org/canadaal.htm to find one near you) and picking anything, really, but especially tiny, crimson and flavorful strawberries that hardly resemble those found in the supermarket. We eat as many as we can handle in the car on the way home, and for days eat them layered with vanilla yogurt and granola, or make strawberry-rhubarb pie.

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What Not to Eat

The very best thing about Stampede, now that I’ve become too susceptible to motion sickness to enjoy the rides (OK, I was too chicken even back when I was young enough to avoid getting sick anyway) is the food.

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