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How to Make (and Understand) Yogurt

You may have noticed lately that the dairy department of your grocery store has become overrun with yogurts labeled “active” or “probiotic”, referring to the beneficial bacteria that allegedly improve your digestive system.

I have done a lot of reading on the subject, and still cannot differentiate between regular yogurt that contains active cultures, and those labeled “probiotic” (sounds so much like “pro” and “bionic” that it must be great for you). I suspect it's another fancy word to make it more marketable, in the simplest terms possible.

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Cinnamon Without the Sin

During the summer I allow myself more lazy Sunday-like mornings; it seems like everyone is on holiday anyway, and sometimes it’s so hot I stay up late working outside on my laptop instead. One of the best things about non-harried mornings, any time of year, is baking scones, cinnamon buns or other breakfast treats. Cinnamon buns are one of my favorite things to eat ever, but at about 700 calories and 30+ grams of fat in some bakery cinnamon buns, they often aren’t worth it unless I’ve just finished a marathon.

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Making the Best of a Sub-par Watermelon

We bought a watermelon yesterday. Brought it home, cut into it and found it had already passed its prime. I hate that. It's one of those scenerios that typically involves me insisting I'll take it back, digging out the receipt and setting the offending fruit aside to support our already thriving community of fruit flies (that's what you get for trying to compost). Of course I never get around to taking it back but I do spend a couple weeks irritated over wasting $5.88.

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The Italian Supermarket - Discover New Food With an Italian Flare

It’s true that kids are more likely to eat food they have made themselves than that which someone else prepared and as such may come across as unidentifiable (read: weird) even if they are familiar with all the ingredients. The same applies to new foods – allowing them to choose new produce, new cheeses, different shaped pastas and other food products themselves greatly increases the odds that they will actually eat (and enjoy) them.

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