PCA 2020


Extreme Makeover: Turkey Edition

Ah, the morning after the year before. With a stash of Christmas chocolate still taking up most of one kitchen cupboard and having just finished the last of the stuffing (crispy bits are the best part of the entire turkey dinner) for lunch, I find myself suffering from a food hangover.

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Dining Out With Kids - Ironwood Stage & Grill

Thank you, Ironwood, for not differentiating between dining out B.C. (before children) and A.D. (after diapers).

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Christmas Grub Exchange

I love Christmas cookie exchanges, but I do have a few theories on why they appear to be losing popularity: 1) who really needs 8 dozen (or more) cookies, all with the same expiry date? 2) There’s usually not enough freezer space, and 3) people tend to store them all in one giant container, making the crisp ones soft and drying out the soft ones – eventually they all start to taste the same.


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Kid-Friendly Dining in Calgary

In a search of unique, kid-friendly places, I asked a few friends in the food industry, who happen to also be parents, where they go when they want real food out – without having to hire a babysitter

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