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Kid-Friendly Dining in Calgary

In a search of unique, kid-friendly places, I asked a few friends in the food industry, who happen to also be parents, where they go when they want real food out – without having to hire a babysitter

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Smart Cookies

There is no season that so revolves around food as Christmas, a tradition largely responsible for the number of resolutions to lose weight
on January 1.

Cookies have been as essential a part of the holidays as Christmas cards, full stockings and chestnuts roasting on an open fire (or at least the idea of them). Nothing else accompanies hot cocoa, eases holiday stresses or makes as appealing a gift for teachers, neighbors and mailmen as homemade cookies. Besides, what other snack would be sufficient for Santa? (Anyone who leaves a Nutri-Grain bar with his milk risks a stockingful of coal, and probably deserves it.)

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Lunchbox Blues? What's in the Bag?

The thought of going back to school and the early morning rush sends a chill up the spine of many a parent. To deal with the morning rush, it helps to prepare the lunch the night before. By thinking it through the night before, you are more likely to make healthy choices as recommended in Canada’s Food Guide. In addition, kids that help out are less likely to toss their lunch or trade it for something else. 

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How to Make (and Understand) Yogurt

You may have noticed lately that the dairy department of your grocery store has become overrun with yogurts labeled “active” or “probiotic”, referring to the beneficial bacteria that allegedly improve your digestive system.

I have done a lot of reading on the subject, and still cannot differentiate between regular yogurt that contains active cultures, and those labeled “probiotic” (sounds so much like “pro” and “bionic” that it must be great for you). I suspect it's another fancy word to make it more marketable, in the simplest terms possible.

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