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Parent Connection

Building a 'Reading Place' at Home

In the secret tents of blankets with flashlights, stuffies, and a few favorite books, children can escape to other lands, friendships, and victories. Most of all, in these simple and whimsical reading places, this is where children fall in love with reading.

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Poor Losers and Kids Who Cheat

The first thing to recognize is these behaviors are a normal part of a child’s development. The approach you take should depend on the age of your child. Sometimes children cheat at games because they do not always remember the rules, or they are deeply focused on getting something right that the rules slip into the background of their thoughts.

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When an Ailing Parent Moves In

A growing number of families with young children are caring for an aging relative. Whether it’s temporary care following surgery or longer-term care due to a debilitating condition, more and more families find the best option for caring for aging parents is to invite them into the family home.

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Life Planning

“I don’t care. You decide.” How many times in life have you handed off a decision to someone else? Where to go on date night, what toppings for pizza, which show to watch with popcorn? A decision must be made! But the choice itself? These are low stakes decisions. “I don’t care. You decide.”

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