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Parent Connection

First-Born Jealousy

What should you do if your firstborn is showing jealousy toward the new baby? What if your firstborn is mad at you for disrupting the predictable flow of their life with this new challenger for your attention? Here’s how you can smooth things out.

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How to Help Your Kid Find Their Purpose and Fulfill Their Dreams

Every parent wishes their children will have all of their dreams come true. Pursuing meaningful goals that reflect our purpose plays an important role in developing and maintaining a happy life. Ultimately, achieving our dreams makes us happier emotionally and more satisfied with our lives. Positive psychology researchers have discovered that people who have a clear purpose in life experience less pain and anxiety. Feeling good about the future is important for our emotional well-being, and having a purpose gives us direction and something to look forward to. Without goals and a purpose, we just go through the motions of life and can start to feel numb and depressed.

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Preparing Our Children for Success in an Unknown World

In this rapidly changing global economy, it is predicted that 20 years from now, many of the available jobs do not yet exist today. This poses a difficult question around how do we best prepare our children for success in an unknown world?

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Stop Doing Everything for Your Kids - The Path to Independence

Imagine spending all of this time and energy raising your kids, and then when you send them off to post- secondary education, you still have to call to wake them up every morning to make sure they get to class on time. Sounds shocking, right? When I was in college 20 years ago, I can recall going multiple days, maybe even up to a couple of weeks, without communicating with my parents. Sure, this was before cell phones, text messaging, and social media, but it wasn’t necessary to talk to my parents that often. My parents gave me plenty of freedom to live my own life and to explore and grow during those incredible years as I blossomed into an independent adult. Somehow, I figured out how to register for classes, study, eat, do laundry, meet new friends, get over breakups, and handle bad grades all on my own. 

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