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Special Needs

Moving With Your Special-Needs Child - 15 Ways to Ease the Transition

It is estimated that 1 out of 5 families move every year; which means that for many families, the early weeks of summer are often filled with packing boxes, contacting new schools and finding new dentists. While transitioning to a new neighborhood or town can bring an assortment of stresses, this stress can be amplified when a family moves with a special-needs child. Routines, therapies and support networks can be disrupted and the entire family can feel on edge. Whether this is your first move or you are a seasoned veteran, the following tips will steer you and your family on the path to a smoother transition:

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How Do I Cope With My Child's Disability?

All parents respond to challenges on a daily basis. However, in families where a child has a developmental disability, challenges can escalate to overwhelming levels. To manage them successfully, on a daily basis, we need a philosophy for managing the disability itself.

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Get Ready for Winter Fun: Preparing Your Special-Needs Child for Success

Winter brings an abundance of outdoor activities that families can participate in together - from building a snow fort in the backyard, to skiing down the slopes. However, if your child has special needs, it can also be a time of concern as you wonder how your child might adapt to the change in seasons and activities.

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Birthday Parties with Special Needs

Raising a child with a special need certainly has its ups and downs. An impending birthday party, either for your child or a peer, can be a roller coaster ride of emotions for both you and your child. Will anybody show up? Will my child be able to participate? Will my child have a meltdown? These concerns are all natural, but with creative planning and realistic expectations, your child can be a part of the fun.

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