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Special Needs

Reading Tips for Your Child with Learning or Attention Difficulties

Children who struggle with reading or language skills may find it hard to enjoy reading. And, children with other learning and attention issues can be reluctant readers, too. Based on research from the All Our Babies study, daily reading is a way to support children as they develop self-regulation - the ability to monitor and manage emotions, attention, and interactions with others and the environment.

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Sensory Kids

Gifts can be tricky for kids like my son Dylan. Sure, they like all the same things that other kids do but when their world already seems overwhelming, a calming sensory-activity-based toy is really what they crave. Think simple. Check out these top 10 gifts for your sensory-seeking child.

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My Child has Special Needs, Now What? First Steps Parents Should Take

Have you just received a special needs diagnosis for your child? It is important to remember that you are not alone.

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Transition Tips Post-Holiday Planning for Kids with Autism

Start transitioning your child as soon as you can. Without a doubt, the holidays can over-stimulate neurotypicals and even more so with individuals on the spectrum. Holidays mean a long break from school. No quizzes and exams to burn the midnight oil for, no class recitation, assignments and stage performances. They get to see their family and friends - and sleep or romp all they want with nary a care about tomorrow. All these things can make transitioning from the holidays back to a regular routine more stressful and taxing to adults, teens and especially for those with autism.

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