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Special Needs

Special Camps for Special Needs provided

Many camps offer programs to children with special needs including physical challenges, medical conditions, and developmental, behavioral, or learning disabilities. Whatever their mandate, and whether the camp provides shadows or support staff or requires parents to send someone familiar and experienced in working with their child, these camps have facilities that are adapted for children with special needs and medical/camp staff who are trained to work with these campers.

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How Does the Vulnerable Person Self-Registry Help the Calgary Police Service?

As the holiday season fast approaches and we all prepare for time to be spent with our families, I wanted to take a little time to tell you about a database we have created at the Calgary Police Service that can help you keep your loved ones safe. The Vulnerable Person Self-Registry is a simple concept that can have life-saving impacts in the event of an emergency or a disaster.

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Alike, Not Less: 50 Ways Children with Autism are Like All Children

We who live and work with children with autism step up the dialogue about what makes our kids different from typically developing children. And we must talk about it because it is the basis for spurring the kind of action we need to be able to equalize some of these differences, to teach our kids the skills they’ll need to join the flow of life and community as productive adults. But this is only half of the discussion.

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Reading Tips for Your Child with Learning or Attention Difficulties

Children who struggle with reading or language skills may find it hard to enjoy reading. And, children with other learning and attention issues can be reluctant readers, too. Based on research from the All Our Babies study, daily reading is a way to support children as they develop self-regulation - the ability to monitor and manage emotions, attention, and interactions with others and the environment.

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