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Special Needs

A Very Special Playdate

My definition of a playdate is a desperate attempt by the stay-at-home caretaker to connect with persons speaking full sentences. Most likely, this will be unsuccessful due to constant interruptions by tattling, potty accidents and eerie silence. For stay-at-home moms or dads, the playdate is essential to our sanity.

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How to Travel Stress-Free with Your Special Needs Child

Long lines, crowds and traffic can put a damper on family travel plans. The stress of traveling can overshadow the intent of having fun while strengthening family bonds and creating lasting memories. Without a plan, traveling with children can be distressing, particularly if they have special needs. If you plan to travel with a child who has special needs, it is worth taking a few extra steps to reduce everyone’s anxiety.

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Special Handling

Navigating Sleep-Away Camp with Food Allergies.

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Driven to Distraction - 10 Tips for Parents of an ADD Child

All parents wish they could be better informed. If your child has ADD today, fortunately, resources are plentiful and accessible, so you must get actively involved in your child’s quest to manage their ADD.

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